Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Voices of the Founding Fathers

What would they say if they were here today? What advice and insights could they share? I'm speaking of course about the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. The original architects of the "great experiment". Would they be spinning in their graves if they got the 411 on the current situation?

If I could travel back in time:
I would definitely ask them to clarify the 2nd Amendment for the idiots who don't understand the plain English of that period. What we need are linguists and historians not supreme court justices to translate the Constitution for the morons who don't know it means that the individual citizens have the right to own firearms to defend themselves from harm and tyrrany from enemies foreign and domestic. (This includes the government itself; which was the reason for the Revolution in the first place.)
I would ask them to clarify Abortion. Other big ones they left for the future clueless leaders are racism/slavery/ bigotry/ gay rights/ term limits to the congress and senate....

I wish I was in charge for a while. A good skeptic friend pointed out to me that the reason he dislikes politics is because unlike math and science, there is no right answer. When dealing with sensitive social issues, often there is no right answer. "How right you are!" I thought to myself. But, the real problem with politics is the politicians. Whenever a political ad mentions the fact their candidate is an incumbent and their experience will help face the problems; I can't help but think how ironic that is. I think in many cases that is the problem: a politician who is in office for too long.

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  1. hear hear. i just heard joe rogen (on the adam corolla podcast) talk about how the system is so messed up as it is (w/ lobbyists and other interested groups) that it may be beyond repair. he also mentioned how no one person could probably beat the system either. and not that anyone would really WANT to seeing as they have families to fend for and its easier to just go with the muddy flow. those were just about the only two intelligent comments by rogen, though. :)